CALME Luminary Robert Malley Calls for Broader U.S. Diplomacy

Robert Malley served as President Clinton’s special Assistant for Arab-Israeli affairs and is now the Middle East program director at the International Crisis Group

In explaining the activities and goals of the myriad players in the current Arab-Israeli crisis, Malley notes in a July 24 Time Magazine article that due to the Administration’s policy of not negotiating with unfriendly regimes, particularly Syria and Iran, the U.S. has effectively made itself a non-player in stemming the violence between Israel and her neighbors and finding a solution. He says, “[But] the U.S., despite colossal strategic stakes, threats to its own security, potential repercussions in Iraq, not to mention staggering loss of life, remains on the sidelines. The world’s sole superpower is also its only no-show.” Further in the article he says, “It [the fighting] certainly won’t be halted without robust, credible and influential third-party involvement…Without U.S. support, it’s doubtful that the U.N.’s mediators will be able to muster similar muscle.” To read the full article, please click here:

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One Comment on “CALME Luminary Robert Malley Calls for Broader U.S. Diplomacy”

  1. Joel A. Levitt Says:

    We need Robert Malley in the government. His description of our governments failed policy is exactly correct. Moreover, while this policy has been said to benefit Israel, this is incorrect. The cost of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to the Palestinians is apparent, and the cost to Israel is excessive as well. This conflict has led to the degrading of the Israeli educational system and the rise of juvenile crime, to significantly reducing Israeli support to the indigent aged, to the emigration of Israeli corporations, to an 18% unemployment-under-employment rate, and to the malnutrition of 20% of Israel’s children.

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