Redefining the Terms of the Middle East Conflict

CALME Luminary Rob Malley had a very thoughtful piece in The New York Review of Books this week.  He outlines the paradigm shift in the way each side approaches the conflict, and each other – specific goals are no longer the end game but rather the means to managing perceptions. 

“The conflict is no longer about achieving a specific objective—releasing a soldier, say, or capturing defined territory. It is about something more intangible, and so more serious: establishing one’s power of deterrence, defining the rules of the game, showing who is boss. Such confrontations may subside, and they may even pause. They will not end.”

This paints a bleak picture, to be sure – but proves why third party involvement is so necessary.  The U.S. can be an impartial, measured voice, but the Administration must also understand the subtleties of these exchanges.  Only then can it play a meaningful role in supporting a lasting peace. Full article here.

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One Comment on “Redefining the Terms of the Middle East Conflict”

  1. xgeronimo Says:

    50 years on and still no solution! Diplomacy has failed. The use of force – also didn’t solve the problem.
    Here’s a new proposal how to end the war in the Middle East. (

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