A Worldwide Effort to Bring About Two States Takes Root

By Joel Tauber and George Salem, CALME Co-Chairs

Adding to the returned focus last week of the need for two states surrounding the United Nations General Assembly and meeting of the Quartet, the International Crisis Group announced last Friday the launch of a new campaign to promote the world’s involvement in reaching a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This initiative, which was announced in conjunction with former President Clinton’s Global Initiative meeting, seeks to build political momentum toward the conclusion of a “comprehensive, just and sustainable peace.”

We applaud this new initiative and are pleased to see more efforts that encourage key players on the world stage to become actively involved in reaching the only solution we believe tenable for the Israeli and Palestinian people: two states. CALME continues to work actively to drive up support from thousands of Americans and American leaders for our initiative to tell the President that we believe he has to commit his Administration to active and sustained involvement until the job is done. CALME’s list of signatories already includes a remarkable list of American leaders who continue to contribute their insights and influence to our effort, as well as thousands of Americans from all 50 states. CALME recognizes that no initiative alone can be a substitute for the direct involvement of U.S. political leadership in the pursuit of a lasting two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet we hope to watch as this effort works to lay a foundation for the community of world nations who would like to see peace in the region comes together to work toward a solution. We look forward to all groups who share this common goal working to translate the words we heard last week at the UNGA, the Quartet’s meeting, and from some of the Arab League countries into an active coalition that will bring about the just and comprehensive peace we all desire.

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