Dispatch from the U.K.: Tony Blair Vows to Devote All Energy Toward Brokering Middle East Peace

In a speech overshadowed by the news and knowledge that this would be his last major address to his Labour Party as Prime Minister, Tony Blair made a stirring statement announcing his commitment to brokering peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.  He pledged, “From now until I leave office I will dedicate myself, with the same commitment I have given to Northern Ireland, to advancing peace between Israel and Palestine. I may not succeed but I will try because peace in the Middle East is a defeat for terrorism.”  He further said, “We must never again let Lebanon become the background for a conflict that neither Israeli or Lebanese people wanted though it was they who paid the price for it.”  Press reports indicate that he will return to the region in the coming months.

At the same time, he acknowledged the limitations he will face in this effort as well as in tackling the other great challenges of the world.  Without a strong partner in the United States ready to devote the same focus to the effort, only part of the necessary attention will be paid.  He said, “The truth is that nothing we strive for, from the world trade talks to global warming, to terrorism and Palestine can be solved without America or without Europe.”

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