Palestinians Search for the U.S.

The subheading of West Bank correspondent Jamil Hamad’s post on Time online today starkly states, “By vacating its traditional refereeing role, the U.S. may be condemning Israelis and Palestinians to disaster.”

Comparing the situation playing out in the Palestinian territories to the fall of Solomon’s temple, Hamad says, “America has abandoned the role of honest broker between Israel and the Palestinians, leaving Israel with no restraints on its actions, and the Palestinians with no faith that diplomacy can change their situation. The resulting collapse of any kind of peace process will benefit neither Israel nor the Palestinians. If things are allowed to remain as they are now, the hostility between the two peoples will soon pass a point of no return, leaving them ensnared in a grim story of blood and bitterness for the foreseeable future.”

He says that while much of the world sees the U.S. talking about making peace, the Palestinians could not even identify what government official or entity is in charge of monitoring the day-to-day events on the ground or laying the foundation for any peace process among their population.  He said this has led to a feeling of abandonment, since the U.S. managed even the finest details on the ground during the 1990s.

Hamad grimly concludes, “It took the builders of Solomon’s temple a thousand years to notice that the king had died. But time is rapidly running out for the Bush Administration to resume the traditional U.S. role of referee in the Arab-Israeli conflict. If Washington fails to show up, the states and peoples of the Middle East will be left to find their own solutions — and, as we well know, that will mean many more years of violent chaos.”

Please click here to read the full article.

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