IAEA Chief Stresses Two States for Human Security

Sadat Lecture for Peace
Delivered by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei

In IAEA Chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei’s speech on Tuesday at the Sadat Center at the University of Maryland, he stepped outside of his normal realm of preventing nuclear proliferation to instead speak about the importance of two states to the region writ large:

“In June 2002, President George Bush articulated for the first time the formal support of the United States for a Palestinian State, laying out the principles of what would be called the ‘road map’ to achieve that goal.

For security in the Middle East to be realized will naturally require more than just finding a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian issue. The need to achieve stability in Iraq and Lebanon, to normalize relations with Iran, and to address pressing issues of development, governance and modernity throughout the region are only a few of the substantial challenges that must be dealt with.

But if the Palestinian question were to be resolved, a decades old burden of Arab–Israeli tensions would be lifted that would improve immeasurably our ability to deal with these and other challenges.”

Read the full speech here.

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