Connecting Iraq to the Imperative of Two States

Despite the current rumbles about the ISG report’s linking the challenges in Iraq to the need to bring about peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, President Bush made a similar statement when he appeared before the press with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki last month. 

He said, “Well, first of all, there’s no question that if we were able to settle the Palestinian-Israeli issue, it would help bring more peace to the Middle East. And therefore, our government is focused on helping develop the two-state solution. As a matter of fact, I was the — our government strongly believes in the two-state solution, and I believe it’s in the Palestinian people’s interest that they have their own state. And I believe it’s in Israel’s interest that there be a democracy on her border. And therefore, we’re working to that end. ”

As the President develops his new strategy for Iraq, we hope he will keep this point — one that he has previously made — in mind, and will actively work toward that end.

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