Secretary Rice Readying for Peace Push?

At the behest of Secretary Rice, the State Department may be preparing several options for consideration to restart the peace process, according to a report published in Yedioth Aranoth.  U.S. Ambassadors to the region and Security Coordinator General Keith Dayton reportedly attended a recent seminar that lasted several days in which the discussions were devoted to devising a new U.S. Middle East policy that would be implemented in the remainder of President Bush’s term.  An interim Palestinian state was the most notable proposal reported, but was among several ideas supposedly bandied about under the theme of strengthening President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party and weakening Hamas.  The goal of each proposal was to end with talks between President Abbas and Prime Minister Olmert that would lead to a referendum in the Palestinian Territories and a state within temporary borders.  Watch out for the days surrounding January 13, the report said, when Secretary Rice returns to the region.  Her staff is expected to precede her so as to lay out the ideas to the two leaders prior to hearing about them from the Secretary.  The full report may be found here.

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