World Affairs Council Alerts Supporters to CALME

The Executive Committee of the World Affairs Councils of America stated their support of CALME to their members worldwide in their December newsletter:

“As we focus on the Middle East and especially bringing peace to the region in our upcoming conference, the Executive Committee has agreed to join with hundreds of non-partisan leaders to make available for our members the information on CALME – the Campaign for American Leadership in the Middle East.”

The World Affairs Councils of America is the largest international affairs non-profit in the United States.  Started in 1918, the council system has 484,000 members and participants, 84 councils, and 26 affiliates.  Councils operate on membership dues, corporate sponsorships, grants, in-kind donations, fundraising events, and fee-for-service activities.  Over 2,000 corporations, foundations, and individuals support council work.World affairs councils are non-profit, non-partisan organizations open to all who wish to join.

The council system has the biggest international affairs speakers’ program in the country with over 2,500 events each year.  Councils also run international exchanges, school programs, teachers’ workshops, model UNs, foreign policy discussions, national opinion polls, travel programs, young professionals’ programs, conferences, corporate programs, journals, newspaper columns, and local radio and television programs.  The system has five flagship programs:  World in Transition, Great Decisions, the NPR radio program It’s Your World, Academic WorldQuest and Travel the World.

The 2007 Washington conference, BRIDGING THE DESERT: the Middle East in the Next Decade will be January 31 to February 4 . The council system holds a national high school world affairs knowledge competition called Academic WorldQuest in Washington.  Councils reach over 20 million people every year with their programs.

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