CALME: The Time is Now

It is time to deliver the CALME letter to the President.

During an appearance with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki last month, President Bush again reiterated his support for and interest in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. He said:

There’s no question that if we were able to settle the Palestinian-Israeli issue, it would help bring more peace to the Middle East. And therefore, our government is focused on helping develop the two- state solution. Our government strongly believes in the two-state solution, and I believe it’s in the Palestinian people’s interest that they have their own state. And I believe it’s in Israel’s interest that there be a democracy on her border. And therefore, we’re working to that end.

President Bush will deliver his State of the Union address on January 23rd. In that speech, we hope he will highlight the effort to bring about two states as a central and sustained objective of American foreign policy in 2007.

To encourage the President to do this, we plan to deliver CALME’s letter before the State of the Union. More than 270 American leaders and several thousand Americans have joined CALME’s effort to date. We want to ensure that our voice is heard as loudly as possible.

To ensure that CALME’s message is heard at this crucial moment, we will need your support! We hope that you will commit to adding to CALME’s loud voice by:

  • Telling your friends and members of organizations to which you belong about CALME
  • Sending letters to the editor of your local papers
  • Posting responses to articles on CALME’s online journal (
  • Spreading CALME’s message within your community.

We also want to hear your ideas on how we can ensure CALME’s message is heard by using the webform on our site ( or responding to this message.

Please forward this message to your friends and loved ones and ask them to sign the open letter to the President at now.

Remember, our strength is in our numbers.

Joel Tauber and George Salem
The Campaign for American Leadership in the Middle East 

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