Opportunity for Action: June 5th Initiative for Peace

This alert comes from the IPCRI:

June 5 2007 will mark 40 years since the June 1967 war. On June 5 the “march for Israeli-Palestinian peace” will take place in cities and towns throughout the world in solidarity with the people of Israel and Palestine who will march, demonstrate and organize for Israeli-Palestinian peace throughout Israel and Palestine. Several main events will be held in key cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Nablus, Gaza, Washington, New York, Chicago, Athens, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Moscow, Rome, Amman, Cairo, Tokyo, and others.

The call for Israeli-Palestinian peace based on the “two-states for two peoples” formula and for ending the conflict will be the uniting force that will bring out millions of people across the globe.

This is a civil society initiative to be launched and supported by civil society organizations including NGOs, political parties, labor unions, universities, churches and other religious groups and organizations, etc. The private sector is being called to join the initiative and to provide financial support. All of the events and marches should be covered widely in the media.

Efforts will be made to enlist the active support and involvement of public personalities from politics, the arts, music, and the movie and entertainment industries. The June 5 initiative will include marches, demonstrations, peace concerts, seminars, study-days, petitions, and more – all supporting Israeli-Palestinian and ending the conflict.

We need your help and support. We need to create an internet based committee of hundreds of volunteers throughout the world to make this initiative materialize. There is much to do and little time to do it.

We are beginning to organize all over the world. We hope that there will be an organizing committee in each city. Each organizing committee will design and implement the activities that are appropriate for that place. We will try to keep the political messages unified, positive and constructive. There will be a central web page for publicizing the activities and actions in each community.

We are just beginning to enlist the volunteers. The entire operation will be organized by volunteers. We need to know what you are willing to do – we are open to all of your suggestions, ideas and initiatives. As we receive feedback and emails, we will sign them up by city and then provide the names and contact information to the organizing committee in each city. If you manage to sign up more volunteers, it is important to transmit that information to us so that we can update the central database. We will keep the database on the web site. We need to get the names, location, contact information and what the volunteers are willing to do.

It is important to begin to get public figures enlisted in each city – artists, musicians, politicians, etc. so that we can draw more international and local attention to what we are trying to do.

Keep us posted and we will keep you posted.

Best wishes, in peace

Gershon Baskin and Hanna Sinoira

Please heed our call and sign up to be a volunteer for this initiative. Please send us your personal details, where you live and what you can do to move this initiative forward.

Name, location, position, telephone, fax, email and what you can do to help

Gershon@ipcri.org  Hanna@ipcri.org

Telephone: +972-2-676-9460 Fax: +972-2-676-8011

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